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AV Creation

Originally born and raised in France, I grew up with a passion for color and unique fashion.
After moving to California Bay Area with my husband and children in 1997, I soon felt the need to explore my creative side and started to experiment with fabrics to create scarves and handbags. Over the years I broadened my designs to home goods and other accessories and developed my own brand, AV Creation.
I craft one of a kind pieces that feature distinctive designs and fabrics collected from my bi-annual trips to France or any place I visit. My designs vary season by season, but my love for patterns and colors always shine through. Some of my favorites textiles to work with are polka dots, plaids and bold graphics in purple, red and pink tone. To contrast these vibrant colors and patterns, I like to incorporate softer materials like grey fabrics, jean and monochromatic patterns.
I typically showcase my designs once every season with other designers.
" Inspiration comes from everywhere, often not predictable "

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Elisabeth Michel-Meyrueix

Elisabeth Michel-Meyrueix’s unique jewelry showcases antique or vintage pieces mixed with semi-precious stones and precious metals. She studied in Paris and she started to design jewelry after moving to the United States. Designing jewelry allows her to combine her background of studies in art, history and geology with the creating process. For her a necklace is like a painting, colors and texture have to flow and blend together. All her necklaces and bracelets are signed with her unique tag. She has been designing jewelry and participating in Open Studios, juried shows and fairs since 2003.

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Flavors of France

Catherine arrived in the Bay Area in 2003 with her family as her husband was offered the possibility to work in California by the American company he was working for in France.

Elisabeth came to California in 1989, following her husband who was transferred for his work, and although at the time she was greeted by the 1989 earthquake, she loves California and decided to stay.

Elisabeth and Catherine founded in 2008 the French Fair so their adopted community would learn more about France. In 2015, they decided to open this online shop to share with you their last discoveries and the French products they are fond of. From food to decoration items, books for children, clothing and accessories, vintage pieces, whatever catches our fancy!! Come visit our shop frequently as new products will be uploaded regularly.

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Rebecca Osgood

Rebecca Osgood was born and grew up in Denver and had an interest and talent in art from an early age. She received a BA in Philosophy from Scripps College and an MA in Political Science from Boston College. In the Boston area she maintained her activity as an artist and taught drawing classes at Dunster House at Harvard. Since moving to California in 1985 she has been active in the art scene on the Peninsula, first working on cover illustrations, ads and graphic layout for the Palo Alto Weekly, then taking classes and teaching figure drawing at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The faculty at this school has been a constant inspiration. She has been lucky enough to spend two separate years in Paris. Her work has been displayed at a number of community shows, and has been purchased by families here and in France. If you like to receive more information about a painting, please contact us at:

As she says: "Painting is for me the love of light—the way it communicates different messages at different times, depending on natural conditions and the condition of the artist’s mind. In painting people, I try to see something of the general human condition—something that may resonate with others!"

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